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In the majority of divorce cases where there is child custody involved, the court will also issue a child support order that instructs how much one parent will pay the other parent towards the cost of raising the child. It is also not uncommon for this to be a contentious issue, especially for the parent paying the child support. Unfortunately, the paying parent often becomes resentful and feels they are paying their ex-spouse money to do whatever they want instead of realizing that the support payments go towards providing the child life’s necessity, such as shelter, food, and clothing.

Child support attorneys have handled numerous cases where a parent refuses to pay child support as per the court order. If you are having difficulty collecting your child support payments, contact our office today to find out how we can help.

The Child’s Needs

There are many things a child needs that cost money Some of the more common expenses that most parents face include:

Everyday care: Child support payments can be used to help pay rent or mortgage to keep a roof over the child’s head. Other household expenses, such as utilities, groceries, and even house insurance. There are also personal items that are also included in this category that a child may need.

Medical: Every child has medical costs. One of these expenses is healthcare insurance. The court will usually issue an order regarding how health insurance will be addressed. If the parent receiving child support will carry the coverage, then child support can be used to help cover copays and premiums. Child support can also be used to pay for medications and over-the-counter medicines. In some cases, the court may order that medical expenses be covered separately than within the child support order. For example, the court may order that parents split medical costs in half, in addition to child support.

School supplies and extracurricular activities: Child support can also go towards paying for the school supplies your child needs, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, and books. There may also be lunch money costs and school uniforms that need to be paid for. The majority of extracurricular activities that children participate in require some fees and often involve other expenses, including sports, scouts, and clubs. Uniforms, field trips, and training are also items that child support can pay for.

Contact a Child Support Attorney for Details

If you are having issues with the paying parent, have your case evaluated and take the steps to help you get the money you are entitled to under the child support order issued by the court.

If a child support modification is in order, an attorney can help with the legal process to have the court reevaluate its original order and make the necessary and proper adjustments. If your child’s parent is not paying support as ordered by the court, an attorney, like a family lawyer in Lake Forest, IL, can also take the appropriate action on your behalf to collect what is owed. This can include wage garnishment, license suspension, and any other appropriate legal action.

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