Looking for legal help can be tough when you are not sure of what kind of legal help you need and how to find it. It is helpful to be informed about general legal information in advance of needing legal help but that is not always an option for everyone.

Word of Mouth

Whether you know what kind of legal help you need or if you just know that you need some sort of help but are not sure of what kind you need, the good old fashioned method of talking to trustworthy and knowledgeable friends, family, and others, can be a great way to start looking for the legal help you need. If you know someone who works in law or if a friend of a friend (etc.) does, these kinds of people may be a great resource for explaining to you the kind of legal help you need and/or referrals for legal professionals you can contact about potentially retaining their help. People who have needed legal help themselves, especially if it is of the kind or similar to the kind you need, can also be a great resource when trying to figure out the kind of legal help you’ll need.

Be careful what you say and who you talk to because talking too much or to the wrong people can wind up damaging your case or making your business public in a way that you do not want it to be. As well, a judge may allow things you’ve posted on social media, and oftentimes things that have been posted about you by others, to be used as evidence against you by the people who are causing your legal troubles.


The internet will likely be an integral part of your search for the kind of legal help you need. You may use it to learn about different areas of law and what area or areas your legal issue falls under. You will likely use it to look for lawyers and to research them. You may find it helpful to find out information about cases and situations that have been similar to yours.


Bar and Professional Associations

State and local bar associations are a great resource for lawyers in a particular state or area. Many of them have online and/or telephone services that you can use to search for lawyers in your area, as well as to find out their license status, if they have had any disciplinary actions against them, and other important background information. There are many local and national associations that focus on a particular area of law or kinds of lawyers. These may also be helpful in your quest to find out information and about legal professionals who may be able to help you.