Automobile collisions differ from an accident involving a car and a big truck. First, the extent of damage is likely significant, and second, there is a higher risk of injury. However, beyond these issues, a big truck accident involves more red tape and investigation because it involves both federal and state regulations. Although, how do you know you were in a big truck accident, and why does the designation matter when all you want to know is who is responsible?

Defining “Big” Trucks

Defining the phrase big truck is necessary because it paints the outlook of any future litigation. While many trucks are large, the term big truck refers to several commercial type vehicles.

  • Chemical and tanker trucks
  • Big-rig/Semi trucks
  • Concrete trucks
  • Log trucks
  • Tractor trailers

Commercial operations depend on big trucks for logistics, or getting parts and products from point A to point B. However, an unfortunate statistic is that the maintenance of these vehicles is often lacking and the drivers overworked, which may explain the reason for so many accidents.

Difference Between Accidents

Regular automobile collisions do not require the same intense scrutiny as a big truck accident. The reason for such an in-depth review is that the trucking industry receives thorough regulations from both state and federal bodies to reduce such incidents from occurring. Also, as insurance companies for the trucking company often rush to the scene of an accident to clean up or resolve any liability issues, regulatory agencies will often request independent investigations to ensure that the driver was adhering to all federal and state mandates when the accident occurred.


As to the responsibility of the collision, the insurer of the driver or company will probably approach you, the victim, before you can get an attorney. They may attempt several conversations, perhaps trying to record each. Do not let them and do not talk to them without an attorney present. Early intervention is a way of trying to get you to accept some blame for the accident, which limits or even eliminates the insurer’s liability. Also, if the driver was to blame for the accident, then the insurer may offer you a settlement, but this offer is usually lower than what you can get with an attorney.

Big trucks are large commercial vehicles that state and federal agencies regulate, meaning that accidents involving big trucks may require in-depth investigations. If you suffered injuries in a big truck accident and wish to seek restitution, then contact a truck accident attorney for help.

Source: Auto Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ, Davis & Brusca, LLC