tax lawyer

Tax Court

If you are heading to tax court it is always smart to have a lawyer on your side. A tax lawyer will be able to represent you in court and will likely know the best approach for handling your situation, like a tax lawyer in Columbia, MD from a law firm like Crepeau Mourges, can explain.

Tax Evasion 

Serious tax offenses, such as tax evasion, can have very serious consequences. Having a tax lawyer on your side when dealing with the IRS can greatly reduce your chances of some of the serious penalties that can be associated with tax evasion cases. There are varying levels of tax evasion penalties that can range from prison to small IRS penalties. At times, a tax lawyer can even remove penalties that have been charged to the taxpayer if they can prove that there was a legitimate reason for not staying in compliance with tax regulations.

Committed Tax Fraud 

If you have committed tax fraud such as claiming false deductions, taking fake tax credits, significantly understated income intentionally, or anything else that was done with the intent to commit fraud and need the protection of the tax lawyer-client privilege, then it is a good idea to have a tax lawyer on your side.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns can be a serious issue, especially if there is a large sum of unpaid taxes that go along with them. 

Tax Penalties

Tax penalties can be a significant portion of the total tax amount owed to the IRS. Many times, these penalties can be significantly reduced by a qualified tax professional if they can show the IRS that there was a legitimate reason for not staying in compliance with IRS tax laws. Also, if all these penalties cannot be paid it is likely that a tax lawyer can find the next best solution for you in order to get back into compliance with the IRS.

Tax Liens

A tax lien is the government’s claim on your property. A tax lien will give the IRS rights to everything you own over any other debtor, which means it will significantly impact your ability to borrow money from anyone else. If a tax lien is not resolved it can likely lead to a tax levy, which will allow the IRS to legally seize your assets. A tax lawyer can be a good choice to find the best option to get your tax lien resolved before it leads to further IRS actions.

Tax Levy

The IRS can legally seize wages, bank accounts, real estate, cars, boats, 401K’s, and more. When being faced with a levy it is important to act quickly to limit the financial impact of it. A tax lawyer can likely stop the levy and prevent significant financial damage.

Unpaid Taxes

There are countless solutions to resolving unpaid taxes. Of these solutions, some are supported by the IRS and others the IRS would never recommend. 

Having a tax lawyer assess your situation from every angle possible can ensure you will get the best financial outcome, whether it is IRS recommended or not. Contact one today.