Anyone who holds a valid motorcycle license understands the risks associated with driving one. Unlike a car, there are not certain safety features they can rely on if they get into an accident. While a motorcyclist should wear certain safety gear like a helmet and thick clothing while they are riding their motorcycle, this will not always provide them with the protection they need if they are to get into an accident. Additionally, while it may seem obvious who is at fault in a motorcycle accident (like if a car hits a motorcycle), it can be incredibly confusing if a “no-contact” accident happens. This occurs when a motorcyclist ends up in an accident because they were trying to avoid a collision. You may be wondering if the driver of the car is still liable, and attorneys will gladly review the details of your case to see if the other driver is at fault and what kind of compensation you should pursue. For more information, call a law office now.

What should you look for in a no-contact motorcycle accident case?

When you are trying to determine liability so that you can receive compensation for your injuries, one of the most important things you are looking for is negligence. As with many injury claims, you want to prove that the person who caused you physical harm did so because they were acting in a way that was negligent to other people. Thus, when negligence occurs, it essentially means that the person who caused you harm did not act in a way that exercised reasonable care like someone else on the road. If that reasonable care was not used and they ended up hurting someone (like a motorcyclist), then you can hold them personally liable for your injuries.

How do you determine negligence?

It may sound hard to do, but determining whether or not someone was negligent can actually be simple. When lawyers do this, they state that negligence occurs when someone does not use a reasonable standard of care. This means that any other reasonable person would have shown that care or taken a certain action if they were in the exact same situation. Thus, when they bring forth negligence in a no-contact motorcycle accident case, they show that the person who injured you or caused you to be injured did not show that same reasonable care that other people on the road show.

What is a no-contact motorcycle accident?

This can occur because of many circumstances. For example, if a car is in the lane next to the motorcyclist slightly ahead of them and makes a lane change (without a turn signal) suddenly, the motorcyclist may try to avoid hitting the car by swerving. When this happens, the motorcyclist may lose control of their motorcycle and crash into an object or other cars. Although the first car did not hit the motorcyclist, they still caused the accident because they did not exercise reasonable care.

If you were involved in a no-contact motorcycle accident and are suffering from injuries, please speak with an attorney. They want to help you get the compensation you deserve.