Taxi Accidents

Walking the streets of Texas can be dangerous, especially in heavy traffic. Unfortunately, some taxi drivers may be reckless during their long shifts and put pedestrians and other drivers at risk. If you have been the victim of an accident where an ATX CO-OP taxi hit you, you may wonder what your rights are and what steps you should take to protect yourself from ending up with costly medical bills. The important steps after this kind of accident are reporting the incident to the police, seeking immediate medical care and contacting a car accident lawyer.

Reporting the Incident to the Police

After any type of accident involving motor vehicles, it is essential that you have a police report of the event. This is especially important when the accident involves a taxi company’s car and driver. Official police documentation is a pivotal part of making your case against the at-fault party; without it, it is simply your word against theirs.

Seeking Immediate Medical Care

After the accident, the priority is taking care of yourself. Although you may worry about the medical expenses, it is important that you seek prompt medical care to address injuries. This official documentation of the injuries you sustained can become invaluable when seeking restitution against the at-fault taxi company. Depending on the type of contract the taxi company has with its drivers, the driver’s own liability insurance might pay for the medical expenses; alternatively, the responsibility could fall on the taxi company by which the driver was or is employed.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

The aftermath of a traumatic accident such as being hit by a cab can be too much to handle on your own, and talking to an experienced car accident lawyer can lessen that load. A reliable legal team can help you navigate the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies as well as the taxi company at fault. This team can provide indispensable advice in how to best proceed with your case.

Being involved in any type of car accident is a scary experience, but being involved in one with a taxicab complicates things even more. However, by taking care of your medical needs after the incident as well as contacting the police and a car accident lawyer, you can help handle the case. If you have been in an incident involving a taxi wreck where you were a victim, contact a car accident attorney today that can help guide you in the right steps of securing the compensation that you deserve.

Source: Car Accident Lawyer in Memphis, TN, Patterson Bray.