Many car accidents end up causing lost wages and an inability to get back to work, even if just for a short period of time. After your car accident, you could be dealing with physical injuries, medical bills, and a variety of other losses. Fortunately, you can hire an attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. You may feel there’s a problem if you haven’t been able to get back to work yet, and are worried you won’t have the funds to pay a lawyer for assistance. The good news is that many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

What Is a Contingency Fee?

When a lawyer works on a contingency fee basis, it means that he or she won’t require a payment up front. The lawyer fees would instead come out of your settlement money before you are given your amount. If a lawyer feels he or she won’t be able to win the case, it probably won’t be accepted on a contingency fee basis. If he or she feels the case will be won, and it is accepted on a contingency fee basis, but then is not won, you won’t owe the lawyer a fee.

What About Additional Costs?

There are additional costs you should keep in mind when considering paying your lawyer. These might include filing fees, costs for expert witnesses, photocopying expenses, and other small costs. Each lawyer charges for these things differently. One might absorb the costs as long as you win the case and the lawyer receives the contingency fee. Another might ask you to pay them as they come up. Be sure you understand how your lawyer deals with these expenses so you know what to expect.

What If You’re the Defendant?

A lawyer working on a contingency fee basis is only an option when you are the plaintiff in the car accident lawsuit. If you are the defendant, you probably won’t find a lawyer willing to work your case without an upfront payment. Many insurance company policies have a “duty to defend” and will be required to pay for your attorney, but it may depend on the limits of your coverage.

Contacting a Lawyer for a More Accurate Account

If you are concerned about how you’re going to pay for a lawyer after being involved in a car accident, one of your best resources is an actual lawyer. Contact a car accident lawyer, today for a more accurate account or estimate of what he or she would charge to represent you.