Buying a new home can be an exciting venture. But along with the new-house thrill, feelings of anxiety can often accompany the giddiness. This is why it is essential that a real estate attorney is part of your home buyer’s team. This is especially important in today’s competitive, low-inventory market. You and your family need the best legal representation out there to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

Real estate attorneys are experienced and educated in all legal aspects of real estate transactions. Often, they will be hired at the start of the transaction process and advise and guide the new home buyer right from the get go. Other times, a real estate attorney will only be hired to act as a litigator should a dispute arise during the transactional process.

There are two types of real estate lawyers, including residential and commercial. Commercial real estate attorneys work with companies to buy, sell, lease, and develop properties, such as apartment building, retail hubs, and offices. Residential lawyers can help to assist with managing mortgage, the title, and closing documents all associated with purchasing a new home.

When You Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Figuring out if you should hire a real estate attorney depends on quite a few factors. If it’s not required by your state of residence, choosing to hire a real estate lawyer depends upon the complexity of your unique situation. If you decide to enter a simple month-to-month lease or are buying an uncomplicated residential property, you do not need the assistance of a legal expert.

Qualities of a Good Real Estate Attorney

If you do decide to hire a real estate lawyer, there are several qualities that you will want to look for. These include:

o   They live in your area – Hiring a local real estate lawyer has an advantage because they are already familiar with your area and informed about the local ordinances. Chances are, they will also have sufficient access to the town hall, which makes the waiting process a lot shorter.

o   They’re accessible – It’s important to have your real estate lawyer be accessible when you need them. It’s a smart idea to hire a full-time practicing lawyer with a staff on hand in case the attorney is busy with another client or at a closing.

o   They have the proper credentials – It’s essential to hire a real estate attorney, like lawyer Tim Kassouni, a real estate lawyer in Sacramento, CA, with the proper education and training so that you can rest easy knowing you’re getting premium quality legal services.