Debunking Insurance Adjuster and Personal Injury Lawsuit Myths

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, one of the major parties that you have to speak with is the insurance adjuster. The insurance company, generally, is the institution that pays for a personal injury settlement. Before you have a conversation with an insurance adjuster, however, it is important to debunk the myths around insurance adjusters. Here is what you need to know, as you file your claim.

Adjusters Will Pay Fair Settlements

The idea that the insurance company will have your back is one of those myths that often keeps a person from seeking out help from a lawyer. In your first conversation with the insurance adjuster after your accident, you may feel as though he or she cares about your situation. The problem with these conversations is that anything that you say, the insurer can use against you. For instance, if you apologize, it may seem as though you are taking partial responsibility. It is crucial that you speak with a lawyer before you speak with an insurance adjuster.

The insurance company is a business looking to make a profit. It is not interested in paying a fair amount if it can get away with paying less than that. Do not expect the insurer to pay a fair price initially. Now, the insurance adjuster will have its own formula for deciding how much to pay in a settlement. This normally is a calculation of your losses. Your lawyer can help you decide if this is fair or if your case is worth more.

Adjusters Are Afraid of Lawsuits

A lot of people believe that if they threaten the insurance adjuster with a lawsuit, then the company will respond by offering a higher settlement amount. While it’s true that no one wants to have to deal with a courtroom trial, this is not necessarily something that the insurance companies are worried about.

For some businesses, lawsuits are an expected risk. Insurers deal with lawsuits routinely. In fact, some companies have law firms that are specifically designed to deal with these types of suits. Do not expect the insurer to worry about a lawsuit. This doesn’t mean that you cannot take an insurance company to court and win, but threatening the suit will not always change the negotiations process.

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the insurance company has its own formula for deciding what to pay. Before you settle, set up an appointment to talk with a personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Trenton, NJ, today!



Thank you to the experts at Davis & Brusca, LLC for their insight into personal injury and the law.