Accident Lawyer Vs Insurance Coverage: Do You Need a Lawyer if You Have Insurance?

If you sustain injuries and damage to your vehicle after a car accident, it can be confusing to know what to do next. Most people know to file an insurance claim. What people may disagree on, however, is whether you need to contact a lawyer. A car accident lawyer can help you, particularly if an insurance company refuses to pay your damages.

No Fault States

In a no-fault state, you have to file the claim with your own insurance company. You can open up a PIP insurance claim to pay for your injuries. Now, if your lost wages or medical bills exceed the PIP’s maximum benefits, then you need to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company. Next, the insurance company decides the value of your claim. In a case where you suffer major injuries, you should probably have a car accident attorney to help ensure that you receive compensation that you deserve.

At Fault States

In at-fault states, the insurance company pays damages according to the fault of each party. If one driver is responsible, then their insurance company pays that driver up to the policy limit. Now, this is where lawsuits can occur. If the driver does not agree with the amount paid or if the insurance company attempts to dispute the claim, then claims may be filed with a court system. Even if both parties are insured, when the injuries and damages are serious, it may be better to have a lawyer help out, in case it needs to go to trial.

All Claims

No matter if you are in a no-fault or at-fault state, there are always going to be instances where having an attorney will benefit you. If you’re unsure about how to file an insurance claim or if you do not believe that you are being treated fairly, then it helps to have a lawyer to give you advice and to work with you. While some cases do not need a lawyer, especially if the damages do not exceed the policy limits, you may need a lawyer even if you have insurance.

When it comes to car accidents, it can be a difficult time. All you want is to make sure that you receive the award you deserve if you did not cause the accident. If your medical bills, lost wages and other damages exceed your policy limits, then you’re going to want to contact a Car Accident Lawyer, today to find out your options.