What Can an Elder Law Lawyer Help Me With? 

There are many different areas of elder law. If you are a senior citizen or have an elderly loved one that has a legal concern that requires urgent attention, you can depend on a lawyer who practices elder law to give you legal counsel and support. Elder law is a legal practice area that involves any topics that affect elderly individuals.  An elder law lawyer like one at McCarthy Law, LLC assists clients who have an issue regarding services for the elderly, from nursing facilities to Social Security programs. The following things are just several of the many topics that a lawyer can assist you with. 

Explain Your Rights 

Elder law is a practice area that encompasses many issues and topics. It can be challenging to understand your or your loved ones’ full legal rights, but it’s important that you do so. A lawyer can explain legal rights, how they protect you, and what care, benefits, or services you or your loved one are entitled to receive. Turn to a trusted lawyer so that you can be fully informed as an elderly individual or family member of an aging loved one. 

Plan Retirement 

Making a retirement plan can be a long and complicated process. You need to figure out how much money you or your loved one needs to save, and what benefits you are able to receive. If you do not know where to start with retirement, you are encouraged to talk to a lawyer. They can explain to you what you need to begin preparing. Talking to an elder lawyer can help you maximize your retiree benefit amount as well. It is better to plan for retirement earlier than later so that you have everything you need.  

Determine Long-Term Care 

Planning for long-term care can be overwhelming. Figuring out you or your loved one’s future healthcare needs is essential so that you are prepared. Whether you need to update medical documents or need help choosing a nursing facility, a lawyer can provide you with personalized assistance. 

Apply For Disability Benefits 

While there are disability benefits available to those who need them, actually applying for disability benefits can be difficult. Even if you meet the legal requirements to receive a benefit amount, there are many obstacles that can make it difficult for you to receive your payment. Some people who qualify are also denied because of errors.

If you need urgent legal assistance, an elder law lawyer like one from McCarthy Law, LLC can help you navigate your situation so that you can obtain the results that you deserve.